Devon Baeza-The Fertility Finance Coach
The Fertile Money Club

The Fertile Money Club

Join us each month as we help you Make, Save and Manifest money to fund your fertility fast!

16 Modules

Law Of Attraction Daily Actions

These are the daily practices that are ongoing throughout the month. Our monthly missions change, but these do not. Incorporate these into your everyday life and habits in order to turn into a money manifesting machine!

Bust Your Money Blocks via Money Memories

Bust Your Money Blocks via Money Memories

Watch What You Say May

Your words have POWER.

What you do say, what you don't say. What you wish you would have said and what you regret saying. What you say to others, and more importantly what you say to YOURSELF, matters.

Get ready for some fun challenges and useful tools to manifest money your way and make better financial decisions!

Subscribe to an Abundant Vibe

Get some Law Of Attraction hacks to start attracting ABUNDANCE, set boundaries that SERVE you, and discover how to change your money VIBE instantly, whenever you choose!

The Baby Making Budget

💰 Monthly Mission: The Baby Making Budget!! 💰

☹️ There is a reason most budgets fail.
😊 The good news is, it’s not your fault!

It’s the way we were taught to budget. Traditional personal finance advice doesn’t apply during fertility treatments.

Cut Costs, Stack Cash

Fertility costs can add up FAST.  Whether it's acupuncture, online programs, organic every-freakin-thing, meds, IUI, or IVF...cutting your costs is essential! Cut Costs, Stack Cash tells you HOW I saved $10,000 on treatment, strategies to effectively negotiate your bills, plus much more!

The Money Manifesting Method

No better time to put the Law of Attraction into ACTION than while you are TTC!  The Money Manifesting Method gives you fool proof strategies to get into alignment and attract money your way

Super Charge Your Savings: 31 Day Challenge

Come get 31 days of ways to SAVE! Every cent matters when you are working towards reaching your BIG money goals. The Supercharge Your Savings Challenge is a FUN and effective way to make sure you stay motivated while stacking CASH into SAVINGS! 

Insurance Ins and Outs + Increase Your Credit Score Class

Insurance can be confusing, complicated and INFURIATING. Don't fret my pet, help has arrived! Get INSIDER INFO that will save your money and sanity plus bonus classes on FSA'sHSA's, and how to maximize your credit score

Question and Answer Vids

SO many nuggets of wisdom routinely dropped by yours truly ;) Our stories are unique, but our experiences similar. Chances are you've had the same questions as others in the group! So whether or not you asked the Q's, it's worth listening to the Q+A

The Rockstar Resource List

Bringing you all the best freebies, discounts, and exclusives from across the fertility globe!

EFT "Tapping" for Fertility Financial Stress

Side Hustle to Finance Your Fertility

Baby Making Budget Bonus Video with Laura Coleman

Functional Medicine MasterClass with Sarah Clark

🌱🧬 Bonus Video: Functional Medicine Masterclass with Sarah Clark 🎋🍎

"Good Food isn't Cheap, and Cheap Food isn't Good"

"TEST...don't GUESS"

These are a few of my favorite gems from the one and only Sarah Clark! She has a super popular podcast called Get Pregnant Naturally and a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to conception that has really opened my eyes. Whether you are interested in a holistic approach to treatment or want to maximize your chances of success for IUI/IVF...picking up some of Sarah's golden nuggets of knowledge is a smart move to save tons of time, money, and heartache.

Getting in Stride with Your Spirit Guides: Masterclass with Dr. Emma Brodzinski

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